SUMMARY: temperature check on a v880

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 16:45:02 EST
I asked:

> I have a somewhat isolated v880 that cannot be monitored by our usual
> monitoring software.  But it can send email.  So what I have been doing
> is to have lots of little shell and perl scripts run as root from cron
> to check individual items and send email if there is a problem.  One is
> a temperature check.  I had been having the script check the prtdiag
> output for temperature, and if it is above a predefined value, send
> email.  With the V880, I can just have the script look at the last
> field: if it is "OK" then do not send mail.
> What I am wondering is what the string will be if a component is not ok.
> I cannot simply grep for "!= OK" because that will catch some other flotsam
> that I don't want to gather.  Since I have not had a component go out-of-
> temperature (knock on wood) I don't know what this value would change to.
> I neglected to install the man pages on this server, so I cannot just do
> a "man prtdiag".  If anyone can let me know what the possible other values
> of this field, I would be most appreciative.  TIA.

The responses:

Unanimous vote that negative checks are bad.  I really do want to check for
the absence of the word "OK" rather than the presense of a negative keyword.
I would have to be confident that I have all of the negative status indicators
correct.  So it just checks for the absence of the word OK with special cases
to remove hits on the table header, subject separators, etc.

Thanks to a lot of folks who, like me, are not on vacation this week!!!

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