Summary: Storedge D2 split-bus problem

From: Wong, Ivan <>
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 19:59:12 EST

Solution was to turn the D2 unit off and on.  Then run the devfsadm
again.  Still got an issue of the old disk names being shown in format.

devfsadm -C doesn't remove the disk names from format's output.
Hopefully the yet to be scheduled reconfiguration reboot will clean that

If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

Many thanks go to the following people for their replies:
Julie Peers
John B Balog
Hichael Morton

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Subject: Update: Storedge D2 split-bus problem


I have managed to get the disk names to change to c4t8d0-c4t13d0 by
turning the D2 off and on.

However, format command still shows the old disks names (t0-t5) as well
as the new names.  The command shows the old disks c4t0d0-c4t5d0 are
'drive not available: formatting'.

Will a "devfsadm -C" get rid of the old disks names in shown in format
or is a reconfiguration reboot the preferred solution?

Thanks in advance.

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> Subject: Storedge D2 split-bus problem
> Hi,
> We are trying to configure a split bus configuration with 2 ESMs and 2
> hosts on a D2.  The 2 hosts are a v880 and a 280r running on
> solaris 8.
> There are 8 disks in the D2, 6 for ESM0 and 2 for ESM1.
> During installation, power to the D2 was kept on.  The
> customer insisted
> on keeping the power on to the D2 for some reason.
> The D2 initially had one ESM connected to the v880.  A second ESM was
> then installed into the D2 (whilst still powered on).  The
> Configuration
> Options Switch 1 was later set to down as directed in the manual.
> So, we have ESM0 connected to the v880 and ESM1 yet to be connected to
> the 280r.
> Next step was to run the "devfsadm" command.
> We then proceeded to check the split-bus config on the v880
> by checking
> if the disk device names changed from cXt0dY-cXt5dY to
> cXt8dY-cXt13dY by
> using the "format" command.  The device names still remained
> cXt0dY-cXt5dY.
> Even though ESM1 is not connected to a host, I believe the
> device names
> on the v880 should still change to cXt8dY-cXt13dY.
> Any ideas on why this is so?  Does the D2 need to be turned off and on
> to detect the second ESM and to make split-bus switch configuration
> option take effect?  Or is it smart enough to do all of this
> on the fly?
> Have I missed out anything ?  If so, any advice would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks and will summarise.
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