Summary: What is /dev/dtremote ?

From: Alan Kong <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 21:08:06 EST
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/dev/dtremote is normal for the CDE login service, and is not harmful to
your system.

For remote connections, the value for 'line' in /etc/utmp must also
exist as a device in the /dev directory for commands such as finger to
operate properly. This resource specifies the pathname of the /dev
file dtlogin will create when a remote display connects.
the file will be created as a symbolic link to /dev/null.
eg: ln -s /dev/null /dev/dtremote
The specified value must start with "/dev/", otherwise no file is created.


Alan Kong wrote:

> Dear Managers,
> Could you please tell me how is /dev/dtremote created? I have not seen 
> this before which was created suddenly on our Sun Blade 1000 running 
> Solaris 8 with recommended patches installed. The "/dev/dtremote" was 
> linked to "/dev/null".
> Thank you in advance for your  advise.
> Regards
> Alan
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