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Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 09:54:55 EST
Thanks for all answers I received.

Josh Turgasen told me :

"The easiest way to release a port is to kill the process that's using the
port.  The quickest way to see which processes are listening is to download

the "lsof" command (the SunManager's FAQ tells you where you can download

Run "lsof | grep <port-number>" and it will show the name of the process
that is using that port.  Generally killing the process will fix the
problem.  I have seen instances a few instances where killing the process
will not free up the port, however that was a few years ago and I forgot an

easy way to fix it without rebooting.

One idea is if the program is making an outbound connection sending a
to that port with a program such as "nmap" may generate a RST and close the

connect (and port)."

But I don4t know how to release a port if the process using the port has
already been killed.
Another answers told me the same thing.

Thanks for everybody answers.

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