SUMMARY: Do I need to reinstall OS after added CPU to Sun 250 ?

From: aiggno <>
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 04:56:47 EST
Hi all,

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After you physicall install the CPU there are only two things you need to

First is to do a reconfiguration reboot.  You can do this by creating a file
named "reconfigure" in the root directory ( touch /reconfigure ) and
rebooting the system, using the command "reboot -- -r" or by using the
command "boot -r" at the OpenBoot OK prompt.

After you can done this use the "prtdiag" command.  It will display the
number of CPUs the system sees.  You should see two CPUs: 0 and 1.  If you
can see them then both the hardware and software see the CPU and you are

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