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From: Jim Southerd <>
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 13:15:03 EST
Thanks to all who replied. Guess I was not too far off.
The replies made me think and try things.

What I found is that you can do all sorts of put, get, but you cannot mix
mput/mget with get/put.

And as far as status, no one said it does. Some of the suggestions were
exactly what I'm doing already, putting a status file out there and checking
for it's existence.

Most suggested to use Perl, unfortunately I don't know Perl. I wanted to learn
it long ago, but life got on the way. Oh, I used Perl before by looking at
other scripts, and I may consider it, but what I'm doing presently is doing
the job.

Some suggested Expect  I would rather not load another
thing on my server.

Again, thank you all for your suggestions.

Here's my original question.

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Subject: Simple question ...

Sorry to ask such a simple question, but I cannot find any dox anywhere on

I am currently running several ftp scripts getting or megetting and putting
files, but I have several scripts each doing one of the above or the other.

What I would like to be able to do is to script more then one function within
a single ftp session. Is that possible?

Does ftp return any kind of a status code so my shell script can tell if the
ftp was successful?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Jim Southerd
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