SUMMARY: [2] iPlanet password security

From: Richard Russell <>
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 11:14:00 EST
On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 11:48:37PM +1030, Richard Russell wrote:
> I've been told that iPlanet requires an LDAP server to do any
> authentication. If this is indeed the case, I'm pretty dissappointed.
> Whatever happenned to making the simple things simple? Anyway, now I
> need to install an LDAP server and work out how to configure it for
> the simple task of one username and password... sigh.

OK, problem solvered.

LDAP is not needed, as a number of people pointed out... It's just the
default. To enable .htaccess style authentication, I followed
directions as stated in,
specifically the sections titled: "Enabling .htaccess from the User
Interface" and "Enabling .htaccess from magnus.conf" (which was
half-done automatically, but step 6 was not...)

I then had to edit the generated.https-<server>.acl file, and remove
an ACL I had earlier added, so it would use the .htaccess and _not_
try to do anything funky with a non-existing LDAP server.

From there, I needed to create the htaccess and htpasswd files. I used
/usr/iplanet/servers/bin/https/bin/htpasswd to create the htpasswd
file, but needed to edit my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include
/usr/iplanet/servers/bin/https/lib/ before it would run correctly.

After a virtual server restart or two (well, I did this by trial and
error), it all worked.

Thanks go to the following people: Lee Trujillo, Jignesh Pathak, Lee
Heagney, Kendall Lloyd and especially Marcus Groff.


Richard Russell
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