SUMMARY: Locking down access to workstations via Exceed

From: UnixAdmin <>
Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 02:04:53 EST
Hi Admins,

Thanks to the following for helping me solve this

Mike Penny
McCaffity, Ray
Brent Killion
Peers, Julie
Christophe Dupre
John D Groenveld
McKinlay, Ken

What worked for me was coppying the file
/usr/dt/config/Xaccess to /etc/dt/config/. and hashing
the lines that allowed XDMCP connections to the


--- UnixAdmin <> wrote:
Hi Admins,

I'm looking for a way (on the workstation) to prevent
Exceed users from attaching to different workstations.
The workstations are all running Solaris 8.
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