SUMMARY: Looking for a GUI mail do everything package

From: Mike Demarco <>
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 10:13:01 EST
Lots of good responses:

If you mean a web-based mail interface...check out Squirrelmail,  I've used it and can really recoomend it. 
 I doubt you'll find an all-in-one like you seem to be looking...for 
list management, check out Mailman,

have you tried looking into the commerical version of Sendmail?
( rather than (freeware)).
I believe that they have what you are looking for on all bases.

Unless they've started going Exchange for Solaris I thik 
you may be out of luck. ;-)
However, you might try looking at Communigate Pro.

exim (smtp server) +
squirrelmail (webmail) +
courier-pop3 (pop3 software) +
courier-imap (imap software) +
mailman (mailling list management) +
exiscan (virus scanner for exim)

Ximian Evolution does all but the spam filtering.  It comes with the
Gnome interface packages.

Communigate Pro seems to do what I need and you can buy support for it.

Thanks go to: 
Galen Johnson
Ryan Bishop
Joe Fletcher
Yura Pismerov
Sean Quaint

Original question:


	I am in the need for a GUI (web based) mail package that will be
       able to do it all:
	filters, aliases, virus scan, forwarding, rerouting, user configured
       custom rules,
	list management, restrict by (address, domain, keyword )
	Must be configurable for 100% uptime and 0% data loss.
	would like to separate smtp and imap4 to different servers.

Anyone using something out there that they can recommend?
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