SUMMARY: 3910 or 6910

From: Richard Mackerras <>
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 05:06:32 EST
Thanks to Julie and mcc. The 6910 can subdivide the LUNs presented by 
the T3s where the 3910 can only present the T3 LUNs. 

Thanks People.




The difference is the virtualization engines. A 3910 doesn't have them, 
the 6910 does (2, I believe). The VEs let you subdivide the T3's into 
many small virtual LUNs which can then be zoned for individual servers. 
 On the 3910, you can only have as many LUNs presented as the T3 can 
provide (not sure if it is fixed for more than two per brick or not 
yet... I haven't installed/tested the latest firmware). Also, I think 
you have to provide all of the zoning through your switch hardware if 
you need it (I have to on our 3960). I am using a 3960 for database 
(where I need high throughput) and a 6960 (which has 4 VEs) for general 



Hi Richard
These are quite new so I had to check in Sunsolve but on checking I have
found the two attachments provided explain the differences.
I have also found that the 6910 supports larger drives (up to 181Gb 

{Attachments were
6900/3910_cabling.html and
6900/6910_cabling.html or
6900/3910_cabling.html and
6900/6910_cabling.html but you have to login to Sunsolve to see them.}




I have a config from Sun in which they spec a 3910 disk array. I cannot 
understand what the difference is between a 3910 and a 6910.

Where would I use a 3910?
Where would I use a 6910?

Thanks people,


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