SUMMARY: error reporting on Solaris (like aix "errpt?")

From: Henrik Huhtinen <>
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 06:49:25 EST
thanks for your answers. Original question is listed in the end of this
message. Summarizing the answers, I would still say that there is not any
identical equivalent for "errpt", but SunVTS package looks promising for the
hardware verification part.

More info from:

"SunVTS, Sun Validation Test Suite, tests and validates Sun hardware by
verifying the connectivity and functionality of hardware devices, controllers
and peripherals. SunVTS is used by OPs, OEMs, SunService/Field, Design
Engineering, SQA and end users to ensure a "clean bill of health" of the
overall system under test and its underlying hardware. The tool is used for
both Hardware validation and repair verfication."

Other people suggested using syslog, dmesg, prtdiag, which were not exactly
what I was looking for (I should have described errpt better). Someone
suggested parsing the syslog output with software like Swatch or Logmonitor,
which might come close to errpt functionality. These are 3rd party softwares,
so I will look first into SunVTS.

Thank you for all your answers:
Mark Deiss
Scott Howard
K.K. Mookhey
Doug Floer
Joe Flatcher
Bertrand Hutin
Thorfinn Rasmussen

My original question:

a client with aix background asked me if there exists an error reporting tool
in Solaris with similar features as the system command 'errpt' in aix.

I've found errpt very handy in the few aix systems I work on, since you can
quickly see if you have hardware or software problem and in which part of the
system the problem probably is. My quick answer was "not that I'm aware of,
but let me check". So, am I just ignorant of some feature in Solaris or can
anybody recommend some 3rd party tool with similar features?

As usual, willing to summarize.



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