SUMMARY(2): scp weirdness

From: Mike's List <>
Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 13:11:23 EST
Thanks to Dan Lowe for pointing out, scp doesn't like echo in .bashrc
so theoretically, just take/comment out the echo statement in .bashrc.
(and it works)

- Mike --great Solaris sparc/x86 packages. --popular Solaris x86 packages.

---------- Summary message ----------

Thanks to Alex Ugolini for pointing the below out,


        2.9 - sftp/scp fails at connection, but ssh is OK.
        sftp and/or scp may fail at connection time if you
        have shell initialization (.profile, .bashrc, .cshrc,
        etc) which produces output for non-interactive sessions.
        This output confuses the sftp/scp client.  You can
        verify if your shell is doing this by executing:

                ssh yourhost /usr/bin/true

        If the above command produces any output, then you
        need to modify your shell initialization.

I have the below towards the end of my .bashrc...

if [ x$TERM = xdumb ];
        echo "Resetting terminal type from dumb to vt100..."
        export TERM=vt100

...took it out and scp works.

- Mike --great Solaris sparc/x86 packages. --popular Solaris x86 packages.

---------- Original message ----------

$ scp -p mike@ .
mike@'s password:
Resetting terminal type from dumb to vt100...

The file1.txt never transfer, instead the server spawn another sshd
process and seems to execute the .bashrc instead of transfering the
file.  netstat shows the connection still established, which is odd,
after 24 hours (shouldn't it timeout already?)

I'm running openssh3.5p1 --any clues to the oddness of scp???


- Mike --great Solaris sparc/x86 packages. --popular Solaris x86 packages.
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