SUMMARY: Ufsrestore from remote tape

From: Ron McKeever <>
Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 10:04:57 EST

Thanks everyone for the help.

Alot of people suggested using rsh and the good old .rhosts. But trying to
stay away from rsh/.rhosts for security. My Company does not what that used
at all, Im sure that is a growing trend in company's to have more security.
Worse case is if I or somebody else forgot to turn off rsh/.rhosts that
could be bad.....
Here is what worked well for me:

machB# mt -t /dev/rmt/1ln fsf 4
machB# dd if=/dev/rmt/1ln ibs=63k | ssh machA "(cd /s7 &&
/usr/sbin/ufsrestore -rvf -)"
I ufsdump with block factor at 126 so thats why I used 63K for dd. Also if
you need to do a interactive restore try ssh with -t to open a tty between
the two machines, or else you will get an error "Cannot open("/dev/tty")"
(Thanks Darren Dunham).....

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