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From: Connolly, Michael <>
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 13:44:55 EST
Sorry for the delay - I was at antoher site for a week and lost track of
this issue. So far we have eliminated duplexing issues as a few recommended
so I've again asked the network folks to double check the ISDN router.
Today, I found out that on the day of my first ftp transfer (this was to
Autoweb, BTW) there WERE indeed line problems with a number of carriers. So
I just sent another file to Autoweb and the rate I got was approx. 7.3 Kb/s.
So, it is faster but not yet what I would expect. So, now I think I'll have
to verify that both B channels are being utilized.

Thanks (so far) to

Frank Smith
Steve Mickler
John Timon
Doug Floer
Lars Hecking
Richard Sullivan

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I'm experiencing very slow ftp transfer rates from a particular site. We are
connected to this site via private network and ISDN router. Our network
admin states: " The ISDN line should give upwards to 100kbs when you take
into account line management and other traffic." but I am getting rates as
low as 2 kbs. Now for the gotcha - I HAVE to connect to this site via a
browser so naturally I'm using Netscape 4.78 (have to use RSA security, etc
- site will not allow CL ftp connection). We've checked the line and the
latency is negligable with no packet loss. Is Netscape the culprit here or
could it be on the (their) server side?

Note that internally, using Command Line ftp, transfer rates to my box range
are in the range of 180kbs.

Ultra 10, 320 Mb RAM, Solaris 2.6 patched

Michael J. Connolly
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