Summary: A1000 and SCSI Host Adapter

From: Hichael Morton <>
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 09:15:34 EST
Scenario: Manager purchased a Single-Ended SCSI (375-0005) card to use
with A1000s.  The Sun System Engineer handbook and other documents do
not list the 375-0005.  I asked for confirmation of this.

10 responses were received within a few minutes stating that, as the
literature states, the Single-Ended SCSI controller will not work with
an A1000.  The Differential SCSI controller is required; its Sun part
number is 375-0006.

Many "Thanks!" to all whom responded.

Thank you!


--- Hichael Morton <> wrote:
> Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 05:46:43 -0800 (PST)
> From: Hichael Morton <>
> Subject: A1000 and SCSI Host Adapter
> To:
> SunManagers,
> My manager wants A1000 disk arrays connected to various Sun machine. 
> They purchased the A1000s used (that is, on the used market).  The
> A1000/D1000 user guide says that the A1000 uses a differential SCSI
> host adapter (controller card).  The Sun System Engineer handbook
> give
> a 375-0006 as the SCSI adapter to use with the A1000.  The SCSI host
> adapter that was purchased with these A1000s is a 375-0005.  The SE
> handbook says that this is an Ultra/Wide Singled Ended SCSI host
> adapter.  (The controller card has a "regular" SCSI symbol on it and
> the letters "SE".)
> After installing the 375-0005 in the machine and rebooting (boot -r),
> it appears that the SCSI host adapter is seen but format does not see
> any of the disks in the A1000.  RaidManager 6.2.2 was installed and
> it
> does not see the A1000.
> While there are still diagnostic steps to take ("ok probe-scsi-all",
> trying another A1000s, trying another 375-0005, etc.), I wanted to
> see
> if anyone is using the SCSI Host Adapter 375-0005 with the A1000. 
> (That is, will this Single Ended controller card work with the
> A1000.)
> Any help and advice will be greatly appreciate and a summary will be
> sent after the solution is found.
> Thank you!
> HM
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