SUMMARY: redundant fcal adaptors to disks in a5200

From: Broun, Bevan <>
Date: Mon Nov 25 2002 - 21:28:39 EST
Only one reply to my question. This came from
"Peers, Julie" <>
who made we watch out for moving the disks in the A5200

Before you go moving any disks from front to back , let me explain about
the four quadrants.  Each A5200 can be split into 4 quadrants.Each quadrant
must have a similar amount of disks in. 

I called sun and spoke to an engineer. Sun has software called "Sun
storedge traffic manager" which is downloadable with their other san stuff.
I couldnt use this as my fcal cards were too old. So I needed to use
veritas volume manager. Either of these two bits of software effectively
hide the real controllers and presents a virtual controller to the OS. Both
controllers would see all disks.

However, we have gone the easy way: Each fcal card will see 4 disks in the
A5200 in seperate loops. Disksuite will be used to mirror the disks with
each 1/2 of each mirror being located on a separate controller.

Thanks to all who read sunmanagers.


on Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 10:27:12AM +1100, Broun, Bevan <> wrote:
> I have two E420rs running solaris 8. I also have an A5200 unit with two
> loops configured; there are 4 disks in each loop and two GBIT adaptors in
> the A1 and B0 positions. Currenty the two E420Rs have two FCAL adaptors
> each, but one is unused. 
> We want to move the disks from the rear of the system to the front so that
> one host has access to all 8 disks (the other little piggy gets none). We
> also want to move the GBIT adaptor from the A1 position (for rear drives)
> to the A0 position (for front drives) and connect this to the 2nd FCAL
> adaptor in the host.
> Does this automatically give redundancey of host adaptors such that if one
> card failed the other would just continue to access the drives? (this is
> what we are after). Does it increase thruput to the drives?
> Thanks in advance
> BB
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