SUMMARY: Re: Solaris minimization on NETRA T1

From: Simon Crowther <>
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 04:05:12 EST

I had two responses to this post,
Thanks to:
Peter Stokes who wrote:

There is a I2C device on the Netra T1 motherboard from memory which is
for config, so suggest leaving that alone.

and Paul Frederiksen who wrote:

If you don't recognize it, chances are you don't need it, and if you do
it you can always add it.

Although this approach may well be a little gung ho...

I did some wider reading on this and found within Suns Blueprints
exactly what I was looking for...

Solaris 7 OE32 Bit
These Solaris 7 OE packages are required to run iWS 4.1.
The total disk space used for these packages is less than 40 MBytes.

Package Type Description
SUNWcar Core Architecture, (Root)
SUNWcsd Core Solaris Devices
SUNWcsl Core Solaris, (Shared Libs)
SUNWcsr Core Solaris, (Root)
SUNWcsu Core Solaris, (Usr)
SUNWesu Extended System Utilities
SUNWhmd SunSwift SBus Adapter Drivers
SUNWkvm Core Architecture, (Kvm)
SUNWlibC Sun Workshop Compilers Bundled libC
SUNWlibms Sun WorkShop Bundled shared libm
SUNWloc System Localization
SUNWpd PCI Drivers
SUNWploc Partial Locales
SUNWswmt Install and Patch Utilities

For Netra t1 server you must also install the following packages.

Package Type Description
SMEvplr SME platform links
SMEvplu SME usr/platform links
SUNWide IDE device drivers
SUNWidecr IDE Device Driver, (Root)
SUNWider IDE device drivers
SUNWpci PCI Simba device drivers

There was no mention of SUNWi2cr, so on a minimum install, this can


Simon Crowther
>>> "Simon Crowther" <> 11/12/02 04:46pm >>>

I am removing unnessecary packages from a Solaris 7 install (for
Checkpoint FW1)....

can anyone enlighten me as to the purpose of the following packages.

SMEvplr:      SME platform links,(Root) 
SMEvplu:      SME platform links,(usr)

SUNWi2cr:    Device drivers for I2C devices, (Root,32-bit)

I don't think they are needed, and want to remove them, just checking
for your thoughts

Simon Crowther
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