SUMMARY: Upgrade from Solaris 6 to Solaris 8

From: Quinn, Richard C. - Collinsville IT <>
Date: Wed Nov 20 2002 - 17:45:47 EST
The original post is at the bottom.

Thanks to all who replied(about a dozen or so within the 1st hour):

The ratio was about 3:2 with regard to those who'd rather start from scratch
to those who felt it wouldnt be an issue to update from vers 6 to vers 8

There was concensus on many issues with regard to doing an Upgrade as opposed
to a fresh install:
1 - Disable Volume management
2 - Make sure your volumes have plenty of empty space before you even begin,
an upgrade is very space-intensive.
3 - Be aware that your going from a 32 to a 64 bit O/S
4 - Changes in config file formats that may go unnoticed
5   incompatible drivers and libraries

I received mixed replies as to whether or not LiveUpdate would work on a
Solaris 6 system.

Thanks again for the quick and relevant responses,




The search engine for the list archive is down, otherwise I'd look there
before posting this.

I have an E450 that I am going to upgrade from Solaris 6 to Solaris 8.

It is a server for Lawson ERP with an Informix vers 7 back end.

If I had my way, I'd simply do a fresh install......Wipe the disk and start

But my bosses would rather I do an upgrade  from 6 to 8 than a fresh install.

Are there any issues that I should be aware of.

Maybe there are some key files or libraries that don't get overwritten when
they should, or vice versa.

I know I've got the minimum hardware requirements.

I've never really done upgrades, I've tried a couple, but had some wierd
binary related issues crop up.
I've always started fresh, Wipe the disk, throw on the new O/S, and go from

And I've never done an upgrade where I've jumped a couple levels in software
like I'm doing here.

I just wanna know of any gothcha's or any other issues that  may occur.


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