SUMMARY: A1000 with a dead disk, without Raid Manager?

From: Gene Beaird <>
Date: Wed Nov 20 2002 - 10:04:48 EST
Thanks to:

Bucky Swider
Steve Camp
Julie Peers

And a couple of others whose messages I read but deleted while doing 
other things and didn't think to save for this summary.  I thank you.  
Although deleted, your information was read and was helpful.

The 'offlined' drive on the array was successfully replaced and the 
machine successfully rebuilt the LUN.  In discussion with our Sun FE, 
he indicated that the system probably had RM installed at an earlier 
date, where the LUN was originally configured, and the system was 
probably rebuilt without RM installed.  He said otherwise, he thinks 
the system should have had a few rather small LUNs defined by default, 
but certainly not utilizing all of the disk set's total capacity.

We have also successfully gotten a full backup of this system, even 
though it is a development system that we usually don't backup.  I AM 
beginning to wade through the A1000/RM6 patch matrix to see what is 
necessary to prepare this system for a proper installation of RM6.

Thanks again.

Gene Beaird

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> Hi all,
> I have an E220 that was set up by a predecessor that has an A1000 
> connected to it.  The system is a development box, so not a lot of 
> attention was paid to it when it was set up.  The system was set up 
> without Raid Manager installed.  The A1000 is running 4X18 GB disks 
> set up as one LUN.
> Now, the A1000 has a failed disk.  My question is, even without RM 
> installed, is the disk switch out process the same?  That is, pull the 
> old HDD, wait at least 30 seconds, insert the replacement HDD and let 
> the system rebuild?  Thanks for your info.
> Gene Beaird
> Houston, Texas
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