SUMMARY: reading Solaris-created cpio archive on AIX

From: King, Brooke <>
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 15:51:05 EST
Thanks to Jem Richards and Caspar Dik. This list and its contributors are

A key excerpt from Jem's message with a suggestion and a reason:

"Try replacing the -c with -H odc. This will write header information in
the most portable format (POSIX) instead of the SVR4 format enabled with

I recreated the cpio archive on Solaris with -H odc

$ ls -d $list | cpio -oaH odc > archive.cpio

and read it on the AIX box with -c

$ cpio -ictmd < archive.cpio
11 blocks

In fact, I had to use -c because it failed without it.

$ cpio -itmd < archive.cpio

 cpio: 0511-903 Out of phase!
         cpio attempting to continue...
cpio: 0511-037 Cannot read from the specified input.

The "Out of phase!" message was what I saw in pretty much every attempt
before Jem and Caspar's help.

Caspar suggested using either "-H odc" or "-H crc," but the AIX cpio had no
corresponding option listed in its man page for "-H crc."

For those who wonder, there is no -H option, at all, for cpio on the AIX 4.3
box I am using. It also doesn't have -I and -O, with the assumption's being,
I guess, that one can use shell redirection conveniently in most
circumstances. It wasn't in mine, but I guess IBM didn't care in the AIX 4.3
era. Maybe they do with AIX 5.whatever.


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Subject: reading Solaris-created cpio archive on AIX

Hello. I created a cpio archive on Solaris 8:

    cat file list | cpio -ocaO archive.cpio

I have tried to read it on AIX 4.3 with no success. I usually can read a
cpio archive just about anywhere with a little command-line tweaking of
file format types, but I have not been able to make it work for AIX 4.3.

I went through many pages of google and sunmanagers but found no help.

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