SUMMARY: SAN management - growing filesystems

From: Jonathan Burelbach <>
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 09:31:01 EST
16 total responses from both tru64 & sunmanagers lists.

Here's a summary of the responses I got to my query of the t64-managers
and sunmanagers lists:

For Tru64:
Most people said just create a new volume and run addvol or addvol/rmvol.

Thomas Sjolshagen ( said:
  For Tru64 UNIX, growing a AdvFS volume (note, volume != domain or
  fileset) is only supported as of V5.1B. You can grow your AdvFS domain
  and filesets by using addvol, which implies that you can grow the HSV
  storage, create another "folder" on this unit that encompasses this
  newly added storage, then use addvol to add the new Tru64 UNIX device
  (which will be detected automatically by Tru64 UNIX) to an existing domain.

  By upgrading to V5.1B (once it ships a couple of weeks from now) you'll
  be able to not only grow the HSV storage, but expand a "folder" and have
  AdvFS take advantage of the additional storage by growing the disklabel
  and re-mounting the advfs filesets w/the mount -o expand command.

For Solaris:
Most people didn't realy understand the question and just said growfs, but
it looks like it should be similar to Tru64 - create a new volume, present
it to the system, create the devices on the system, then use disksuite to 
concat it to the other volume & growfs.  A simple growfs won't work because
I'm already using slice 2.  I've grown the actual size of the disk presented
to the server, but couldn't change the disklabel easily.

Jan-Olaf Droese <> said:
  We did the same thing with an IBM FastT 700, which also allows you
  to grow LUNs. OS was Solaris 7. Basically you have to do the following:
  1) Let your disk array increase the size of the LUN  
  2) umount the LUN. 
  3) use "format -e", type, auto configure, Auto configuration via generic
     SCSI-2 to get the new size of the disk. Then repartition the disk
     so that your data partition spans the whole LUN. Label the disk
  4) use growfs to grow the filesystem. You don't even have to use
     DiskSuite, you can also grow the filesystem using the undocumented
     flags of newfs described in the Solaris 2 FAQ.
  5) mount the LUN

  Now you have a larger FS. No need to reboot the system. said:
  In my experience, unless you are running Veritas with vxfs to begin with, I
  do not know of a way to grow the filesystem.  I believe that once the label
  is written, the only way to change it would be to redo it, which means that
  you would loose your data. said:
> Will depend on exactly how the LUN setup was done and 
> what volume management you use. Eg with Veritas on 
> the SUNs you might be able to use vxresize to increase 
> the size of the volume and filesystem (without taking 
> things offline) in one action. Similarly if you use LSM on 
> Tru64. If you are just using Disksuite you will probably 
> have to resize the LUN and reformat or create another 
> volume and concat it onto the existing volume.

Other research indicates that veritas can grow and shrink filesystems fairly
easily ( so might be
worth investigating further.

> ---- original message ----
> I've asked this question of the tru64 list and got some answers for that
> platform, but no good responses for Solaris so I thought I'd ask here.
> We have a Compaq hsv110 SAN array here and due to customer requests need to
> increase the size of filesystems on both Solaris & Tru64 systems.  Has
> anyone done this before?  What is the best way?  We can use the appliance
> to grow the physical size of the disk without any problems, but growing  
> the filesystem to take advantage of the new disk space is a problem.
> We are running DiskSuite on Solaris 7 & 8 and AdvFS on Tru64 5.1Apk3.
> I guess what I'm looking for is a way to change the disklabel without 
> affecting the data - I know I could concat and growfs with disksuite
> (or addvol/rmvol on tru64).
> TIA.
> Jon

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