SUMMARY:-2- Now Auto_Master does what I want !!

From: Yar Baily <>
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 09:39:39 EST
Dear SUN Managers !

Finally, auto_master is working as it is supposed to in the NIS environment
i.e. the map files are only on the server and maps are created and pushed to
the clients machines so the drives are being auto mounted as I initially
hoped for.

The correct diagnostic and solution came from :

Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed <>

The problem was: I did not have " auto_direct " mentioned in my "Makefile"
for maps building. So, first I checked if that was true by using the
following command:
ypwhich -m | grep auto

and it did not list So, I edited the Makefile and added the
required entries. Once that was done, I checked again and this time it had
created these maps. I also checked on the client side if all the maps
created on the server were actually being published ( pushed ) to the client
machines by executing the following command:

ypcat -k | grep

and found these maps to be there too !! Now I have removed these files from
the clients that I had copied earlier to every single client yet I still
have the drives  /abc and /def drives mapped !!

P.S. When editing the Makefile, make sure that its format remains intact and
indenting is done properly by using tabs rather than spaces.

Best regards

SUMMARY:-1- Auto_Master does not do what I want !
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 08:50:47 -0600

Many thanks to the following :

Steve Maher Jim Musso Valeriy Glinskiy,
Thomas Autry LINDA S GEE Jason Wood
John McNab Tom Jones Guy B. Purcell,
David Glass Mr Rene Occelli Paul Clayton
Matthew Stier

All the responses combined lead to the solution. Basically :

1) - I added an entry in the NIS auto_master on the server as " /-
auto_direct -nosuid "
2) - Created two entries in the auto_direct file on the server also as "
/abc dummy:/export/home/abc" and " /def dummy:/export/home/def"
restarted the automount service with automount -v.
3) - Then I copied the same files to all the client machines and now I
have directories being mounted automatically.
Logically, I think I should not have had to copy these scripts to client
machines as long as all the client machines have " +auto_master" in
their auto_master files ( it tells the client to check the entries on
the server when in an NIS environment) but for some reason that did not
happen. So, I had to copy them on all client machines but it works !

Original Message :

Folks, I have two folders that I want to make available to all my NIS
clients. I have shared these folders in the dfstab and I can mount them
manually from any client machine. But I want these to be available
automatically to all the users. For that, I understand that I need to
add these in the auto_master file. I did that but it does not work.
There were 3 exiting entries for /net, /home /and /xfn, they work fine.
Here is how I added those folders in the file:
/abc dummy:/export/home/abc
/def dummy:/export/home/def
after that I restarted the automount daemon ( even rebooted the server !
) but nothing happened..... am I doing right ???
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