Summary:Problem with Solaris linker after applying the latest Solaris patches

From: Shyam Kumar <>
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 23:44:47 EST
   I don't know if the problem is completely solved or
my solution is perfectly right, but I think I have
solved it atleast temporarily. 
   I have backed out the linker patch on the problem
systems to 109147-16. And then the problem got solved.
All other higher versions of the patch are giving the
same problem. I hope that it is a problem with these
higher level linker patches. Now I am working with the
patch version 109147-16 and not having the problem.

Thanks to Drew Skinner and Albert White in giving some


--- Drew Skinner <> wrote:
> Hi;
> Back out patch 108528-16 and replace that with rev
> 15. This is a known bug
> at Sun. You don't want to run rev 16 of the kernel.
> All the best,
> Drew.

--- Albert White - SUN Ireland <>
> Hi,
> Can you give me the list of patches on a working
> system and on a broken 
> system so I can see the patch differences between
> the systems?
> Also can you give me some sample code that exhibits
> the problem you 
> describe?
> If you have test systems please try backing out the
> libc patch to the level 
> it is at on working systems and see if that helps.
> Cheers,
> ~Al
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