SUMMARY: Corporate LAN vs Private network

From: Seth Rothenberg <>
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 13:19:40 EST
I presented a scenario where Network Engineering allows certain classs C
traffic to be propogated, advertised, etc across a class A (
which can be a problem when those addresses try to reach
multi-homed machines that have truly private networks with

The consensus is, it's their network, they are in charge (and are responsible
for just this type of thing), they are not violating anything (except perhaps
common sense).
(the feedback was "The RFC1918 is just an internet convention").

We sysadmins have to trust them to manage the network and not to
forget about the private networks that they know about.
If they don't forget, that's fine with me.   They agreed/requested to
meet and update their overall network diagram with our information
(for what must be the third time).

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