SUMMARY - BIND 8 patches / sol9

From: Nico Wieland <>
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 11:29:23 EST
thanks to all who replied, especially drew raines and scott howard.

there's no patch yet, as soon there is one it will appear at

drew recommended to use djbdns/tinydns, and he's right of course. i use it
on linux, just haven't thought of using it under solaris, stupid me.

original question below.

thanks again,


ps for those who haven't heard about this vulnerability and use bind4/8,
read here:

dear list,

does anybody know if SUN already released patches for BIND4/8? (regarding
the recent "ISS Security Advisory: Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities in
BIND4 and BIND8")

i can't find anything on sunsolve etc.

many thanks,

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