SUMMARY: NetWorker: "SJI driver not loaded" "Bad File Number" error, can't drvconfig

From: Kathleen Ellis-Lasser <>
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 12:17:11 EST

Thanks to list members and Sun support I was able to resolve the problem.

The drvconfig problem was solved by adding
        set kobj_map_space_len=0x400000
to /etc/system and rebooting.  I also removed the symlink in /devices to
itself, although the Sun storage technician I spoke to noted that
RAIDmanager might need it to function.  I found this suggestion in the
sunmanagers archive, thanks netsys!

However, a (finally) successful boot -r didn't solve the problem. A
colleague logged in and discovered that the QLGC,isp card the jukebox was
connected to had disappeared from /usr/kernel/drv/lus.conf.  He added
QLGC,isp:16-7 to the known-scsi-adaptors line.  After rebooting again, I
was still getting the networker errors.

Next, after posting my problem to sunmanagers, subscriber ddunham
suggested ensuring that everything with RAID manager and Networker was
up-to-date and referred me to PatchPro.  Stuart Whitby from Legato
suggested modunload and modload might help (modinfo | grep -i lus yielded
the appropriate ID number).  After doing these two things, still no dice.
(But I did upgrade to NetWorker 5.5.5 in the process, which proved to be a
Good Thing).

Luc I. Suryo's answer was correct but when I received it I didn't really
know how to implement his solution correctly, so I enlisted the assistance
of a Sun storage technician.  Stopping and starting the networker daemons
(/etc/init.d/networker stop and then start), moving
/usr/local/nsr/res/nsrjb.res to a different filename and creating a new
jukebox profile using jb_config solved the problem.  The Sun tech had me
follow up with nsrjb -HEv to initialize everything.

My jukebox is now happily inventorying its tapes and all's well.  Many
thanks to all!!


On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Kathleen Ellis-Lasser wrote:

> All,
> We're running Networker 5.5.1 on an Enterprise 6000 with Solaris 2.6, and
> just today I started getting errors under Networker.  We have a Sun ETL
> 4/1800 jukebox.  Trying to do tape changes today I started getting errors
> from nsrjb:
> bash-2.05$ sudo nsrjb -Cv
> setting verbosity level to `1'
> nsrjb: SJI driver not loaded!!! See installation instructions.
> nsrjb: SYSTEM error, Bad file number
> I can run nwadmin, but if I try to do anything (mount/unmount tapes,
> inventory, label) I get another Bad file number error in a pop-up window.
> Not having a clue what to do I'd be tempted to blow away my devices and
> run drvconfig ; tapes, but there's a catch: drvconfig hangs.  I installed
> some new A1000 disk arrays over last weekend and ever since we installed
> Raid Manager drvconfig just doesn't work.  There is a symlink in /devices
> to /devices ever since the Raid Manager install and that may be the
> that supposed to be there?
> I have restarted the ETL 4/1800 and no dice; I can reboot if it's
> reeeallly necessary.
> Thanks to all for the consideration, I will happily post a detailed
> summary if anyone has an answer.
> Best,
> Kathleen
> Kathleen M. Ellis, Unix Administrator
> Center for Health Program Development and Management
> SS 201 x6863

Kathleen M. Ellis, Unix Administrator
Center for Health Program Development and Management
SS 201 x6863
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