SUMMARY: Sun RSC Question

From: Steven Aizic <>
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 11:17:34 EST

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to these questions, but I wanted
to verify it.  It never hurts.

My client has a V880 and has requested that I configure the Sun
RSC (remote system console) port on it.

My questions are; are they any difficulties with it, or is it a
pretty straightforward task?  It looks fairly easy, but wanted to
hear from someone who has done it.

Also, if I do enable the RSC, will this now disable his ability to
use the graphical Sun console that is attached physically to the
server?  I believe the answer is yes, but just checking.

Thanks for the help.


It is a pretty straightforward task.  RTFM is pretty much it.  There
is some software, and some OBP variables to change.

You can only have one true console that displays error messages, and
gives you access to the OBP "ok" prompt.  Either that is a console
terminal, or via the RSC card.

However, if you do use the RSC card as the console, you can still have
a graphical unit attached, to be used as a terminal/x-server but it won't
be a true "console".

A warning though, that your switch has to be set to 10/Half.  Auto-Neg
does not work too well as mentioned by most people.  Also, be sure the
key position is not in the lock position when trying to write the
configuration to the card.

Thanks to:
Matt Harris
Brian Pardy
Darren Dunham
Joe Fletcher
Thomas Payerle
William Yodlowsky
Rony Daher
Charlie Giannetto
Rene Casalme
Claude Charest
Jed Dobson
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