SUMMARY: SCCS removes %Y% string

From: Doug Floer <>
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 11:08:36 EST
Thanks to:

David Brierley
Alex Ugolini
Jon Nangle
Steve Harris
Casper Dik

Lots of good answers.  Should have RTFM.  %Y% is an sccs-get keyword.
The best solution was to break up the date command so there are no %X%
keywords used:

date '+%Y''%m''%d'

Thanks for all your help!

Original post:
> Ok, here's an interesting one that you can all try at home.  For some
> reason, an sccs create or get removes the "%Y%" from a file.  Sccs
> returns it intact.  If I change "%Y%" to "%y%", it works fine.  Any
> ideas why or how to workaround?
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