SUMMARY: Sun Fire 6800 - PCI or cPCI

From: Richard Mackerras <>
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 11:08:16 EST

Thanks to Julie, Ed, and others. 

The whole PCI boat has to come out where as a single cPCI card can be 

The Sun Blueprint Document "Sun Fire 3800-6800 Servers - Dynamic 
Reconfiguration" which can be found at or says:

Using cPCI Instead of PCI
The cPCI solution allows greater flexibility in making configuration 
changes. Individual cPCI cards can be unconfigured or disconnected. All 
of the PCI cards in a PCI assembly must be unconfigured or 
disconnected. The cPCI boards also support the high-availability hot-
swap model. They can be unconfigured or configured without having a 
system login. Your decision on the use of the cPCI option should be 
made before you order the system.



Hi Richard

I have been studying my manual and can say this: 

Yes the whole PCI IO Boat has to come out.

PCI IO Boats are hot swap
cPCI IO Boats are hot swap
PCI  Cards are NOT hot swap
cPCI Cards are hot swap

You must be aware of the attachment points etc for DR.

If you need more info, have a look at:


PCI are not hot swappable. You have to take down the whole IO boat to
switch out a card or make a change. cPCI is a better choice if you can
live with lesser slots. In our case, we went with PCI because we needed
the slots. The PCI boats were also a pain in the butt to get all the
cards in but since you only do it once its no big deal.
cPCI are hot swappable, that is what they are made for. PCI are not hot
swappable, you have to turn power off and open the card cage.

Hi Richard

ordinary PCI is most definitely not hot swap.


From  "Richard Mackerras" <> 
Date  Thursday, November 7, 2002 10:40 am 
Subject  Sun Fire 6800 - PCI or cPCI 

Sun sell both PCI and cPCI IO boats for the Sun Fire 6800. Are the PCI 
cards hot swapable? The geometry of the cards must make it difficult.
Do you have to deconfigure the whole IO boat and remove it to change a 
card or can you just deconfigure a single card?

Is cPCI a better choice? I know it costs more and there are fewer cards 
to choose from but they are hot swap.




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