SUMMARY: MU archives

From: Wimmer, Jeffrey <>
Date: Tue Nov 05 2002 - 17:27:43 EST
I found a compressed tarball of the MU5 hidden away on one of my servers.
Thanks to John Groenveld and James Vandevegt for their suggestions.  I
didn't have the 07/01 release of Solaris...only the 10/00 and 02/02.

Thanks again guys


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From: Wimmer, Jeffrey 
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Subject: MU archives

Good afternoon fellow guru's.
I'm looking for the archives of MU's for Solaris 8.  Sun only has the latest
MU listed (MU7) but I need MU5 for Sparc.  Any help of where some archives
might be hiding would help a bunch!!
I'll sumarize.
Thanks guys and gals

Jeff Wimmer. 
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