SUMMARY: Why can't I PING some computers......

From: Yar Baily <>
Date: Tue Nov 05 2002 - 17:22:31 EST
Many thanks to :

William Geldhof <>, Michael Schulte
<>, Ric Anderson <ric@Opus1.COM>, David Foster
<>, Alan Angulo <>, Mike Salehi < >, Vandevegt, James Matthew (Jim)
<>, Deb <>

for your kind responses. You all pointed to same files i.e. .login,
/etc/profile, cshrc etc.  But in my case, even after making the changes in
these files individualy, the problem was still there. However, in the end I
found a script on my system that copies customized .tcshrc files to each
users' home folder. Once I found the customized files location and made
changes there, it worked fine.

Best regards

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Subject: Why can't I PING some computers......

> I have Solaris 8 and SSH running on one sparc server. I used to run a SSH
> client from one W2K machine to access the server and it worked fine all
> times. But for some reason now it does not work. Whenever I try to
> on the server I see a message regarding gethostsbyaddress failed error
> message. I tried to PING the workstation with its fully qualified domain
> name and it tells me that host is unknown. While if I try to ping the IP
> address, it pings it. I thought may be the reverse lookup is not working
> when I did NSlookup, it can resolve it by machine name as well as the IP
> address. so I think the DNS part is working.  There are some machine that
> can ping by name and by IP address without any problem from the same
> So, as you can imagine ........... I am lost !!!!!!
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