SUMMARY: SPARCstation 5 and internal HDs

From: Benoit Audet <>
Date: Mon Nov 04 2002 - 11:20:55 EST
Hi managers,

Thanks to all the replies I got from:
- Christophe Dupre;
- Simon Millard;
- Christopher Brown;
- Matt Ryanczak;
- Kevin Korb;
- Jay Lessert;
- Rick Kelly;
- Peter Stokes;
- Rama Boggarapu.

There was two major kind of awnsers, and the awnsers are split mostly 50 - 
50.  The first kind of awnsers was pointing, like I was expecting, the 
excess of heat that would be produced using two internal 7200 RPM 
disks.  The second kind was from peoples who was allready doing it without 
any problem.

There's some interesting points to mention, however.  Many of you suggested 
the use of external disk enclusures, with bigger (and faster) disks inside, 
since these enclosures has their own cooling fans, with or without internal 
disks.  Personaly, I want to avoid it, since it gonna cost me a little more 
(I don't own the SCSI cables, nor the disk enclosures), and it's only for a 
home use.

Also, I got comments about the futility of using a 7200 RPM disks for a 
SPARCstation 5, since the machine is not fast enough to get the disk speed 
difference between a 5400 and a 7200 RPM to be profitable.  I totally agree 
on this, but drives from 9.1 Gb and more seems to be hard to find, slower 
thant 7200 RPM.

Concerning the power used by bigger disks, an interesting point was raised 
by one of you, telling: "You don't want to consume more power than the 
disks the box originally shipped with. Fortunately, that's usually not a 
problem, because as disk density goes up and up, disk power goes down and 
down (at the same total capacity).".

But I got 2 or 3 comments of peoples that was allready using a SPARCstation 
5 with two internal disks of 9.1 Gb at 7200 RPM without any 
problems.  Honnestly, I found these 2 or 3 comments very positives and I 
decided to follow this way and give it a try from my own.  So I found 2 9.1 
Gb. disks, at 7200 RPM, (disks are IBM DNES-309170), and I'm suppose to 
receive it soon this week.

If some of you are interested, I could later on publish the results I'll 
get with it!

Thanks again to all!  Here's my original post:

>Hi managers,
>I just bought a SPARCstation 5 170MHz, and I would like to put 2 larger 
>HDs inside.  Browsing through the web and this mailing list's FAQ, seems 
>that it's not recommended to use disks that goes faster than 5400 RPM 
>inside these kind of workstations.
>So, I'm questionning myself about using two 9.1 Gb. or 18.2 Gb. at 7200 
>RPM disks in my SPARCstation 5.  Anybody has a workaround with it, any 
>experience good or bad, or some recommandations?  It would be very appreciated.
>As well, if some of you did it, could you give me the details about the 
>disks you used (brands and models, speed, size and connecion (Ultra wide 
>SCSI-2, 80 pin, etc.))?
>Of course, will summarise.  Thanks!
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Que serait la vie sans le parachutisme?
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