SUMMARY increasing number of ptys

From: Wilkinson,Alex <>
Date: Thu Oct 31 2002 - 19:05:18 EST
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      Casper Dik
      Martin Hepworth
      Vandevegt, James Matthew
      Matthew Stier
      Valeriy Glinskiy
      Tim Chipman


Depends on the O/S level. If its Solaris 8 or later it should increase
on demand.

See the solaris FAQ at


Three years back I found an article in sunsolve that showed you how to do
this dynamically.  I tried to do another search but I didn't find it.
First, it tells you to manually create the devices in the /dev directory
(and then linked to the devices).  Second, it tells you to go into the
kernel (using adb, I believe) and edit the parameter to its new hex value.
Perhaps you may have better luck finding it.  BTW, I've done it three times
so I know it works.



cd /devices/pseudo
mknod pts@0:48 c 24 48
mknod pts@0:49 c 24 49
mknod pts@0:50 c 24 50
and so on
cd /dev/pts
ln -s ../../devices/pseudo/pts@0:48 48
ln -s ../../devices/pseudo/pts@0:49 49
and so on

Thanks all

 - aW
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