SUMMARY: console on RSC on SunFire 880

From: John Martinez <>
Date: Thu Oct 31 2002 - 14:07:52 EST
Thanks to the following people for their replies and suggestions:

Andrew Maddox
Patrick McDermott
David Newton
William Yodlowsky

The main suggestion was to use 'rsc-console' as the device to set for 
input and output devices (setenv output-device rsc-console and setenv 
input-device rsc-console). The Sun documentation erroneously states to 
use 'rsc'. Also, as was pointed out to me, I should have checked the 
'devalias' command to see what the device name was (it did say 
'rsc-console' in the list.

This fixed my problem. I can now connect to the console via the RSC.

The other suggestion was to check SunSolve for RSC patches, as there 
have been problems in the past with the RSC and V880 and 280R servers.

Thanks to all other respondents.


Original question:

I have a new V880 server with an RSC card. I would like to use the RSC 
card since the server is going to a remote office where there are no 
Solaris sysadmins and no console servers.

I have installed the RSC software from the Supplement CD that came with 
Solaris 8 2/02 (I'm running that version of Solaris on it). I followed 
the install guide to the letter (including redirecting the console to 
the RSC), but I can't to the console via the RSC. I've reset the server, 
but get the following at the beginning:

rsc not found.
rsc not found.

and then it sends output to ttya. Every other aspect of the RSC card 
works as expected, including email paging and user accounts.

I'm about ready to call Sun support, but thought I'd ask you fine folks 

Any ideas what's wrong?
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