SUMMARY: SCSI-2 Low Voltage Differential PCI Card on Blade 100

From: Gary P Carr <>
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 19:31:45 EST
Original post:
I'm trying to connect an Exabyte Mammoth-2 8mm tape drive to one of my 
Blade 100 work stations. The 8mm tape uses a SCSI-2 LVD interface.
According to Sun the only Sun PCI card supported on Blade 100 for 
SCSI-2/LVD is the X2222A Dual Fast Ethernet + Dual SCSI PCI Adapter for 
about $2600, or I could buy a Blade 2000 and get an $800 dollar card. 
Either option seems a bit expensive ($2600 or $11000).
Does anyone know of a third party PCI SCSI-2/LVD card that I can run on 
Blade 100?


Many thanks to the system managers who replied. Great information.

There are at least two 3rd party PCI cards available:

At least one person has been successful using single ended SCSI-2 cards 
with the Mammoth-2 tape drive, but at a lower speed than the differential 
card would support. Sun has one available at a reasonable price (X5010A for 
$199). I have a call into Exabyte to see if they support this, and if it 
will invalidate their warranty.

I decided to go with the Antares P-0068 PCI card, $495 list price.

Again, many thanks to everyone. Below are the replies I received:

From: Alex Stade <>

Antares has some, I think their top-of-the-line Ultra
160 card is somewhere around $700.

From: "David H. Brierley" <>

Never mind third party, why isn't Sun acknowledging the fact that their
own documentation says that you can put an X5010A single channel scsi
controller in the SB-100? The X5010A has a list price of $199.

From: "Tom Jones" <>

I'm running three M2 drives on single-ended adapters - does the
Blade 100 include onboard SCSI?

From: Suresh Rajagopalan <>

Antares should work, the spec sheet says so and we have used them on a
older Ultra 10.
The other choice is LSI Logic:

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