SUMMARY: booting Ultra 10

From: Qv6 <>
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 13:21:13 EST

Thanks to the following for their quick responses:

	G. Cormack
	P. Stokes
	J. Peers
	A. Yother
	P. McAleavey
	H. Morton

Special thanks to J. Peers for a detailed suggestion and to P. Stokes and 
P. McAleavey for their follow-up suggestions.

The problem was I could not boot my Ultra 10 from the cdrom. It kept booting 
into the "ok" prompt, and "probe-ide" did not show the cdrom. 

P. McAleavey's suggestion (P. Stokes' were along the same lines) solved the 
problem, and here it is in his own words (my comment is in parenthesis):


You should leave the harddrive attached to device 0...and make sure you have 
the jumper on the drive set to master.

On the CD-ROM drive check the jumper settings...these are on the back of the 
CD-ROM drive. I would set the CD-ROM to be the master on the second channel 
(or device2)and then make sure you have the cabling connected to the correct 
adapters on the motherboard. I have had some problems using the cable select 
option so I would stick with the master/slave settings. That seems to always 

When you are done you should have three ribbon cables connected to the 
motherboard...the hard drives cable, the CD-ROM's cable (this cable is 
labeled 'DRIVE') and the floppy drive's cable (I'm assuming there is a floppy 

Good luck.



Thanks again to all,

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