Summary: root mirroring with DiskSuite

From: Zaigui Wang <>
Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 19:19:04 EST
I got reply from quite a few people on this topic,
some expressed interest in this topic, some offered
ideas about how to go about testing. I'd like to thank
all of them:
Rami Aubourg
Mike Ekholm
Christopher L. Barnard
Jaime Menendez
Ivan Wong
Gordon Cormack
Thomas_J_Jones@ eFunds.Com
Galen Johnson

A few suggested that I can just use system tools to
observe the mirroring in action. For example, create
some activity on the system and then start iostat to
make sure both drives have the similar i/o. While this
is going on, unplug one of the drive and see if the
system will remain up. I have not yet tested this yet,
but it sounds a little risky. I am concerned about
damaging the disks. On some system, you can safely
quiescence the disk IO first, but on a Netra T1, I am
not sure.

Other suggested that at the minimum, I should test
breaking the mirror and re-connect the mirror to see
if things gets sync'ed up. As you would have expected,
this is not a problem at all. 

One reply also suggested that I disconnect the primary
drive and verify that the system is bootable from the
mirror. Remove one of the drive, add a new drive and
make sure the new drive can be rebuilt. The second
part of this, I believe, can be done using

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