Summary: Maximum subdirectories in a directory

From: James Greer <>
Date: Sat Oct 26 2002 - 19:29:17 EDT
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Nate Itkin
Stuart Whitby
Kevin Buterbaugh
Larye D. Parkins 
Matt Harris
Ric Anderson
Dave Foster
Michael Schulte 
Casper Dik
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Subject: Maximum subdirectories in a directory 


Can anyone tell me what the maximum allowable
subdirectories are in a Solaris directory? Also, is
this number predicated on version (Solaris 2.6, 7, 8
or 9), kernel parameters or other settings or is it
simply an operating system default?

A user asked me this and, search as I might, I
couldn't find a solid answer.  So, for example, if I
have a directory called /james off the root directory,
what's the maximum number of subdirectories I can have
off of /james?

Will summarize.  Thanks.


* * * * Summary * * * *

I'm sorry to report that the consensus was that
there's no consensus.

The bulk of respondents say that the maximum number of
subdirectories is 32,767/32,768.  Other said that it
was dependent on the number of inodes left in the
filesystem, while some thought it was in the millions
of subdirectories if not unlimited.

So, I have it narrowed down to 32,767 and infinity.

Thanks to all! 

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