SUMMARY: Solaris 8 DHCP Server and PC Default Router

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Sat Oct 26 2002 - 09:45:36 EDT
Earlier, I wrote:

>I have the Solaris 8 native DHCP server set up and running, and it 
>happily hands out IP addresses to PC's set up for DHCP.  PC's get 
>everything they need--IP address, netmask, broadcast--except default 
>router.  This is reproducible with Win98/NT/2K/XP
>Before I go get ISC DHCP, can anyone suggest a fix for this one?

Thanks to:

"Urie, Todd" <>
"Doug Otto" <>
David Foster <>
"Todd A. Fiedler" <>
Matthew Stier <>
Dave Miner <>

Everyone suggested checking the Router macro in the dhcptab file, which
was present.  Mathhew noted there were in fact *two* Router macros in
my file, and pointed me to Sun Bug Report 4621740, which nailed the
issue.  I installed patch 109077-11, and this resolved the problem.

This is a public patch, accessible at, or
via anonymous ftp at, but is not
in the current Recommended patch set for Solaris 8.

Not sure how the duplicate macro got there, as everything was set up
using the command-line tool 'dhcpconfig'.  No one hand-edited the 
dhcptab.  (We were unable to get anything other than a blank window
with the GUI dhcpmgr tool--ain't Java grand?.)
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