SUMMARY: Problems adding a disk to Veritas

From: Jeff Wellens <>
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 17:58:58 EDT
I had to run command:  vxdctl enable

Veritas now sees the drive.

Thanks to Mike Kail for the quick response!

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Subject: Problems adding a disk to Veritas

Hello All:

We had a disk go bad on our server (c1t13d0).  This disk didn't even show up
when doing a format command.

We hot swapped it with a working disk.  This drive now shows up fine using
the format command.

But, when I try and add it to Veritas I get the following message:

       vxvm:vxdisk: ERROR: Device c1t13d0s2: define failed:
                Device path not valid

If I run vxdisk list it doesn't show up in this list at all either.  How do
I go about getting Veritas to see this new disk??

Thanks for your help!!

Jeff Wellens
Publishing Business Systems
Technical Support Analyst
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