SUMMARY(with question): NIS Problem? (printers information)

From: UnixAdmin <>
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 05:58:40 EDT
Hi Admins,

I would liket to thank the following for their input:
Lars Hecking
John Leadeham
Moore, Bryan
Ivan Fetch
system administration account
Jay Lessert 
McMurtrey, Thomas M.

Jay Lessert and Thomas McMurtrey were even kind enough
to attach copies of theri Makefiles for reference.

The reason I was getting the "no such map in server's
domain" error messages is because I didn't have the
nickname set in /var/yp/nicknames for the map, and
after making the entry, that problem was solved.  

I couldn't find a Makefile that the previous admin
could have been using to make printers.conf so I used
the Makefile.yp entries to modify the Makefile and
checked it against the entries in the attachments sent
by Jay Lessert and Thomas McMurtrey.  After several
tries and several modifications, printers.conf was
made and pushed.

My only problem is that whenever I run make,
printers.conf is made and pushed even if I haven't
made any changes.  I have attached my Makefile and
would appreciate the assistance of anyone who might
have the time to help.

My original post is below.



> Hi Admins,
> I don't know that I can categorize this as a NIS
> problem but I have searched the web, man pages, my
> O'reilly Managing NFS and NIS, as well as the
> archives
> and can't find an answer.
> I inherited a UNIX environment that seemed to be
> running well but as is usually the case, the
> previous
> admin did little documentation of the NIS and NFS
> environment.
> We have introduced several new printers and plotters
> to the UNIX landscape and created the entries in the
> printers.conf file in the NIS directory on the NIS
> master server.  After running make, I didn't receive
> the expected messages that the file had been pushed.
> A closer look at the Makefile revealed that there is
> no mention of a printers or printers.conf map and,
> there are no other Makfiles in /var/yp. 
> The most intersting thing is that ypcat printers on
> the NIS clients produces a list of all of the
> printers
> that were previously configured but, not the new
> ones.
>  In addition to the NIS master we have on slave and
> a
> ypwhich printers on the master as well as on the
> slave
> results in the output: no such map in server's
> domain.
> I have considered rebuilding NIS from scratch and
> documenting everything but until now we have had no
> problems and I generally follow the old rule that
> one
> should never touch a running system.
> Please help and I will summarize.
> Thanks.
> -Joe
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