SUMMARY: SunRay screen dump to printer

From: Chris Hoogendyk <>
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 14:49:54 EDT
thank you, thank you. 

Steven Ruby
Jed Dobson
Jay Lessert
David Foster

simplest solution (and message) was from Jed, who said:

  xwd -root |  xpr | lp -d yourprinter

since I have already managed printer routing, I dropped the "-d yourprinter".

since I got some errors, but it worked anyway, I routed stderr to
/dev/null in.

then I popped it all into a shell script, set up a menu option for the
SunRay restricted access mode to call that script, and just have to
restart SunRay services when the library isn't live.


   /usr/openwin/bin/xwd -root 2>/dev/null \
      | /usr/openwin/bin/xpr | lp


alternatives included

(1) hack snapshot & script it straight to the printer.

(2) By installing netpbm:

    you can just do:

        % xwd -root | xwdtopnm | pnmtops | lpr -whatever

    netpbm is a swiss army knife collection of raster translators, and
    is *extremely* powerful to have hanging off your belt.

(3) I'd recommend using XV for this kind of thing, it's a GREAT program,
    and free!

    For scripting purposes look into xwd.


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