Summary: 65533 cylinder limit on solaris for hardrives

From: Sreedharan, Anil <>
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 12:22:57 EDT
Thanks to Justin Stringfellow,Chip Paswater, Julie SFirmin & Wanke Matthias
for having replied to my query.

Justin pointed out that there was a patch SunOS 5.8: /usr/bin/rmformat and
/usr/sbin/format patch
   Patch Descriptions: 108975-06... contain fixes for bug 4146130 which
increases the size of the fields for 
storing the number of cyls etc from 16 bits to 32, I have this patch but it
still will not allow a value beyond 65533. The answer to my problem was in
my query, and was confirmed by Chip & Matt.
When creating the volume I have an option to specify the geometry , so I
chose 128 heads and the number of cylinders and sectors was adjusted
automatically. this way the total number of cylinders remained well within
65533(for a 366gb volume when I specify 128 heads the resulting geometry was
21958/128/255 c/h/s).

PS: what surprised me was the fact that windows2000 recognized the Lun with
210794 heads(i think it might have been due a Storageworks utility that
makes changes to accommodate large luns on win2k) .



Hello everbody,

Let me first present a brief summary of my situation. I have created a
volume on a Compaq EMA12000 which is 330gb in size the number of cylinders
on the virtual drive is "210794"(c/h/s 210794/12/255), i need the volume on
a e450 connected to the CPQ EMA12000 via a brocade silkworm2800. The E450
has a JNI FCE6410 HBA. 
Now to the problem part, the volume appears as a 136gb drive on the e450, i
noticed that the number of cylinders is truncated to 65533. I tried to
adjust the disk geometry via ...........format-->type   but any value beyond
65533 for cylinder is out of range. Please let me know if there is any
solution to this predicament that i am in, any help is appreciated. ( I did
notice that some other systems bypass the cylinder issue by increasing the
number of heads).
Anil S
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