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From: Anand Hampayya Saunshimath <anand.hampayya_at_wipro.com>
Date: Tue Oct 15 2002 - 13:09:24 EDT
Hi All,

Scoot Bueckar
Darren Dunham
Justin Stringfellow
Johan Hartzenberg
Rakesh James

Thanks to all above who replied to my query. many have suggested me to 
use mpstat and prstat. But still it did not server my purpose.

Thanks again

Original Question
Hi All,

We have SUN E10K server which has 13 CPUs running in it and memory of 
7GB. And we also have 30 Oracle instances running in this server. I am 
keen to know that what is the load on each CPU, What processes are 
running on individual CPU and if we want to increase the Oracle 
instances number to around 60-80 how many CPU's I may need.

I will Summarize

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