From: Muhammad Kashif Siddiqi <>
Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 02:03:57 EDT
Hi there THNX a lot for trying to help me out on this.

> Hi, I have an ultra 30 system on which solaris 8 is installed.
> unfortunately the path for shell in passwd file is entered
> After going through all the archive possible The obvious solution to
> problem is getting the system to boot from a cdrom or floppy.

Unfortunately There isn't any solution (other than hacking) rather to
simply take the system to ok prompt and boot it from CD and then mount
the root partition and edit the passwd file.

but in my case;
> My problem is that I am using tip hardwire over serial port to connect

> to the affected system. When executing "stop+A" the host system goes
> into ok prompt instead of the affected. is there any sequence for
> this.(tried different combinations with the tilde).

All suggested that I issue the "~#" to send a break or the alternate
"~<ctl>B". None worked. Y ????????????? that's the billion $ question.
The problem was that in the /etc/system file some one had given the
following env variable string "set abort_enable=0" which tells the
system to ignore break signals whether issued through key board or
serial. (correct me if wrong). This often done when connecting over
serial console so to avoid  the system to break when the console is turn

So I really had to take the hard disk out and mount it on another
machine and then edit the passwd file. ( which I was tying to avoid

The moral of this scenario is not to run from your fears. Face them
boldly forth most    ;)

I really appreciate uall for the efforts and thought fullness. specially
to Casper Dik and Carl Gobbo who also suggested a all new tool for
connection over serial lines (

Thnx again for being there when needed.

Muhammad Kashif Siddiqi.
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