SUMMARY Re: Fujitsu Primepower Servers

From: Dylan Northrup <>
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 13:42:12 EDT
On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Dylan Northrup wrote:

:=I'm wondering if anyone has experience running Solaris on the Fujitsu
:=Primepower systems.  If so, how did those experiences go?  Good?  Bad?  How
:=was the compatibility with existing binaries, scripts, etc?  Any and all
:=feedback is greatly appreciated.

I got feedback from several folks including Bryan J. Smith, Paul Kenneth (or
Kenneth Paul, the e-mail address was unclear),, Bertrand Hutin,
Daniel Pettersson, Donovan Reetz and Tommy Fallsen.

The consensus was the Primepower servers worked identically to the standard
sun gear and was a good replacement for applications that Sun doesn't offer
a solution for (someone mentioned a 64 way multi-processor machine. . . and
I started salivating quite a bit at the thought).

My primary concerns were how it behaved operationally and whether it would
work with a standard Jumpstart configuration.  Folks agreed down the line
that the servers performed just like Sun gear in this respect.

One primary difference that was noted was the necessity to get a special
media kit for the servers because of the differing hardware (Fibre Channel
cards were mentioned specifically).  Also, standard Sun patches should work,
but they should be certified by Fujitsu first.  There's a Fujitsu site to
download Sun patches from, so this should be fine for a download avenue.

Thanks for the information, it was and is greatly appreciated.

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