SUMMARY: urgent-nologin, no direct root with SSH, only remote console

From: John Rams <>
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 19:30:28 EDT
Thanks to Jim Matthew, Nico, Casper, Alex, Darren for valuable insights.
Asking someone at the physical system connect a laptop didn't work. So hard reboot has done the job of rebooting the system in mutiuser mode which removed nologin file.
Fortunately, got the console prompt back using remote console. Worried a lot if the system doesn't come up and fsck is necessary remotely.
For those not familar with this, /etc/init.d/RMTMPFILES(if enabled) will take care of removing 'nologin' file (and some unwanted), if rebooted in multiuser mode. (learnt this from you guys).
 John Rams wrote:Managers:

while installing patches created an /etc/nologin and rebooted to
multiuser mode.Forgot that i disabled direct root access with SSH2.
With remote console, i wasn't able to login as root. (as a
application login gets connected (don't know how, when nologin is
there) and doesn't permit to run 'su' at all.

System is in a remote location physically. what are my options to get
connected to it? Asking someone to boot with cdrom or??

Urgent help is requested.

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