SUMMARY: SunRay compatible Smartcards

From: <>
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 20:18:22 EDT
I was never able to get an answer to the question - 'has anyone documented
what cards will work with a SunRay, besides Sun's?'. One person emailed
back to check the docs, they'll explain compatability - true, but I was
looking for empiral data, not documented data.

I ended up finally just bidding on a bunch of cards on eBay, and have
tested and proven that at least one working card 'style' is the Gemplus
line, specifically the Gemsafe style card. Humorously, the one card
documented to work is the 'IBM SecureWay SmartCard', so I'm also looking
for a Gemplus card from HP. Something with the humor of using IBM or HP
Smartcards to use my SunRay.

I'll see what other cards I can come across that will also work, and
document them somewhere. 'Mondex' is supposed to be another line, and I'll
come across one of them sooner or later to try, but if all else fails, and
you're looking for a card in a pinch, shoot for the 'Gemplus' or 'Gemsafe'

Steve B. 
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