SUMMARY: Syslog rotation (howto customize)

From: Rafael Angarita <>
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 12:12:40 EDT
    Below is the original post, first the answers to both questions: 
(thanks to Rene, Randy Romero, John W. Eisenschmidt)

    Rene says:
"You could setup your application to use a different facility (e.g. 
local2) and have it create a log with a different name.  In this 
scenario, you could create (or exclude this log file) that would only 
rotate this log file. "
    That's right local[0-7] facilities are not rotated by the 
/usr/lib/newsyslog crontab entry

     John W. Eisenschmidt says:
"If you do it that way, might screw up. This on the other hand:
cp mylog newlog; cat /dev/null > mylog;"
    This is a better way to rotate if you write your own script

    Syslog is reliable enough

Original post:

>    Hi,
>    I have 2 questions about syslog:
>    Is it possible to customize the logs rotation when you are using  a 
> central repository log server?
>    I have an application  using syslog  to  forwards  its logs to our 
>logs central server and  I want to rotate only the log associate to this 
>application  with a  frecuency that is not the the same that the others 
> logs collected in this server.
>    man syslog.conf  says nothing about customize the  frequency of the 
>logs rotation.
>    I know the syslog rotation is done using  the crontab job 
>/usr/lib/newsyslog but it rotates all the logs,  if I change the 
>frequency of this crontab  all the logs will be rotated but that's not 
>what I want (I want to rotate logs for only one application).
>    Is there a way to rotate only the log I want?
>    I think "cp mylog newlog; cp /dev/null mylog" is not a good idea, 
> due to  corruption possibility.
>    By the way, is syslog  reliable enough? (it's implemented over UDP, 
>but  the man pages says nothing about  the reliability when forwarding 
>to a remote server), I really care each of  the application logs line...
>    Thanks in advance,


Rafael Angarita
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