SUMMARY: why is lsof so slow on solaris 8?

From: Jonas Blåberg <>
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 10:25:02 EDT

This was obviously a known problem/feature. Thanks to Casper Dik and Thomas
Hiltmann for pointing this out. Unfortunately only has 4.49
available, and the latest is at least 4.64 and my compiler only has support
for 32 bits... :-(



use lsof with Option -C until a packed version of lsof4.51 is available

Explanation why it is so slow on Solaris 8:

Casper Dik reminded me of another variable that affects the
performance of lsof on Solaris 8 -- examining the kernel DNLC for
path name components.

There is a Solaris 8 patch that implements a negative DNLC strategy,
often causing the DNLC to be much larger and to contain entries
for which lsof's DNLC hashing code function produces the same value.
That can make lsof very slow.  I worked up a fix for the problem
when Casper first notice the slowness, and the fix has been available
since lsof revision 4.51.

Even if you have 4.51 or later, if you want to squeeze more
performance from lsof, try using its "-C" option.  That will make
lsof ignore the kernel DNLC.  Of course, it will also prevent lsof
from finding any path name components.

DNLC  Directory Name Lookup Cache

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Dmne: why is lsof so slow on solaris 8?


Anyone out there who knows why lsof is executing so slow on Solaris 8
to Solaris 7?


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